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Nicole Lawson, , Registered Dietician

Nicole Lawson, Registered Dietician

Specialty: Nutrition

Nikki Lawson, RD received her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and earned her Master of Science degree in Clinical Dietetics at Grand Valley State University. Nikki has extensive experience in weight, cardiac and diabetic management.    

Nikki follows a dairy free lifestyle due to a milk allergy. She also is allergic to multiple other foods, making her a great match if you’re looking for assistance with food allergy counseling.    

Nikki works individually with patients to provide optimal nutrition care by tailoring recommendations to personal needs and preferences. She believes all foods fit, helping patients heal any negative relationship with food and avoid labeling food as “good and bad”.  

During your visit with Nikki, you will receive extensive nutrition education on importance of balanced meals, meal planning assistance, recipe ideas, ingredient swaps and more. She focuses on helping clients with being consistent, portion control and incorporating physical activity into daily routine to help create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.