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Medical Nutrition Therapy is covered by most insurances. Patients should call their insurance company to see if they have coverage for medical nutrition. We've compiled a list of questions to ask your insurance carrier to help you navigate your benefits and confirm that your visit is covered by your plan. 

Advocare Nutrition and Diabetes Center is currently in network with the following health insurance plans: Aetna, Amerihealth, Magna Care, CHN, Cigna, Clover (Medicare Adv.), Horizon BCBS, Horizon NJ Health, Humana Military, IBC/Keystone Health Plan East/Personal Choice, Medicare, RR Medicare, Medicaid, Oxford, Qualcare, UHC, and USFH

Call the member services number on the back of your insurance card and ask:

  1. Does my plan cover nutrition counseling (Procedure codes: 97802, 97803, 97804)?
    1. Are there nutrition benefits under the preventative care portion of my plan?
  2. Are visits limited to specific diagnosis codes?
    1. Are there any restricted diagnosis codes? 
  3.  Is there a limit to the number of visits (or units) per day/year?
    1. Is my plan January to January or does it start a different month?
  4.  Do I have a deductible to meet before insurance pays?
    1. If so, how much is the deductible?
    2. How much of the deductible has been met to date? 
  5. Do I have a specialist copay or coinsurance for nutrition counseling?
  6. Is a doctor’s referral required? (in most cases only a referral is needed for Medicare) 
  7. If interested in telehealth (virtual) visits, ask your insurance if your benefits for telehealth are the same/different than in-office visits. 
  8. If your health insurance plan is not listed above, you can ask if Nicole Lawson, RD (NPI 1699351056) is a covered provider under my plan? If not a covered provider, what are my out-of-network nutrition counseling benefits? 
  9. Record the representative’s name you speak with and a call reference # when checking your benefits. This information will be necessary if you ever need to dispute a rejected claim. 
For information on how to obtain insurance coverage for you and/or your family, please visit www.healthcare.gov.